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For a while now, I’ve been meaning to write something about photographer Tyler Shields. Shields first captured my attention when a video he lensed of actress and friend of the site, Alison Brie found its way onto the internet. Shields, initially a music video director, has no formal training; but, he refuses to let that set him back.

Over the last few years Shields has gained a quiet following because of the work he’s done with young Hollywood. Among those that Shields has captured are Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, Twilight’s Ashley Greene, 90210’s Jessica Stroup, Kick Ass’ Lyndsy Fonseca, The Vicious Kind’s Brittany Snow, and even The Office’s Rainn Wilson.

Last month, mainstream media was forced to learn Shields’ name when a risqué photo he took of Lindsay Lohan brandishing a weapon was released via the actress’ Twitter page. That photo turned out to be part of a full shoot that Shields and Lohan had done together. This wasn’t the first time that Shields has stirred up drama. Last October, Shields was arrested when a shoot he was doing in Atlanta disturbed people driving by.

But, nothing Shields has done prepared folks for his new Collisions series. Unveiled to the media and friends at a show earlier this month, Collisions isn’t just another collection of Shields’ work but rather a brand new creation. Collision photography looks like it has been digitally enhanced, but Shields swears that this is not the case. Instead, he developed a new technique that he refuses to divulge.

Says Shields of his newest creation “Once I figured out the technique and I saw the potential for people to see something different every time they looked at it, I knew I was cookin’ with butter. I love the way people react to my work, but I’ve never seen reactions like this. People say it could change the face of what people are doing, but who knows, that seems like an awfully nice compliment.”

Check out a great interview with Shields here. And continue scrolling to see some of his video portraits and photographs.

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