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Three days ago FYF posted that they were putting on a free show with NO AGE & two special guests at The Levitt Pavallion in MacArthur Park.

After a short ride on the metro and a small detour to the liquor store we still had no idea what was waiting for us.

The bay area band CEREMONY was the first to take the stage. They enticed kids into the pit with the raw power . The singer, Ross Farrar, would wrap the mic cord around his neck or jump into the crowd, or sing inside of his t-shirt. Madman style.

The one dude at the end was doing the sprinkler dance.

When NO AGE hit the stage, the crowd had grown considerably. Everyone jumping around to their sound of bad-assery or whatever genre you want to stick them in. They crowd went nuts when they played “Fever Dreaming”.

No Age ended their set and as the crowd started to wander away, CHUCK DUKOWSKI and KEITH MORRIS, slapped a set list with six BLACK FLAG song titles onto an amp and the crowd rushed back. Everyone was pumped that they were going to see NO Age play with members of black FLAG: NO FLAG. Everyone there knew they were about to witness something rare and if they didn’t, they did after they saw this dude.

They dropped this dude out of his chair the first time they tried to get him up there! I don’t even know how he got down!

I forgot to mention that the venue security did not like the kids stage diving, they even warned that it would end the show, but as soon as No Flag started to play “Wasted” every lost their shit and all rules were abandoned. After they played “Fix Me”, Morris told the crowd to move back one step or they would shut it down. Everyone did. During the next song, I’ve Had It”, everyone went crazy again.

Security tried to end it and after the song Morris tells the security guards, now standing near the stage exits, to stay where they are and not to move. It was great. They wrapped it up with “No Values” and “Nervous Breakdown”. The best performance I’ve ever seen that was under ten minutes. Morris left the stage with this message.

FYF is putting on a few other shows before the Fest. They have some really great ones lined up. you can check them out here.

Also, if you’e in the L.A. area The LEVITT PAVILLION in MacArthur Park is going to have FREE shows all summer. Check out the schedule.

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