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Finally, a smarter way to offer sneakerheads a safer interactive atmosphere to buy and sell kicks. While other online sneaker marketplaces out there are running unorganized free for all’s, Sole Rhythm is pioneering a new form of limited sneaker buying and selling. Sole Rhythm is focusing its efforts a lot on the protection of it’s community from unidentified users using aliases. Registered Members are able to offer sellers a price other than what is listed and allows the sellers to accept or decline the offer. Instead of Ebay, some users will feel comfortable doing business with sites like Sole Rhythm just because you could easily look up all the credibility of users and sellers easily through Facebook. Whaaaaaaat?!

With already 7,000 users and a sneaker inventory worth $50G’s, I would say Sole Rhythm is on the right track in creating something special and unique.
Shop smart, get all your “Kicksclusives” @ solerhythm.com

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