+ Shiny Toy Guns Unveil Cover Art For New Album & Give Away LA Riots Remix

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Fans of Los Angeles’ SHINY TOY GUNS have been waiting almost two years for the groups third album, “III,” which has been pushed back time and time again, but today fans can take comfort in the release of the beautiful album artwork, and free remix being offered, as a sign that October, 23, the album will be in their hands.

The photo was taken by photographer, BENJY RUSSELL, in a gypsum rock quarry in Oklahoma, with 6-foot mirrored columns creating the album’s title.

“I wanted there to be an element of reflection both physically and metaphorically, especially with what the band has gone through to get to this third album. Not that I could have planned this any better, but in the reflection of the columns you can see a storm receding in the distance,” said Russell.

The receding storm that Russell referred to is the bands troubles in making this album. They’ve lost a vocalist, Sisely Treasure. Their original vocalist, Carah Faye Charnow, returned after a three years, with her boyfriend, Daniel Johansson, to work on the record. Johansson left the group shortly after his relationship with Charnow ended.

Now that the storm has passed the band is ready to move on to the next chapter: Hyping up the new record. What better way to do that, than to release a remix of their latest single, “Waiting Alone“by LA RIOTS.

You can download it for free from now until August, 24, so head over to STG’s Facebook page, and snag this one. It’s heavy heavy dancefloor breaker material.

Also, check out the video for the original version of “Waiting Alone”. There’s a lot of running, and stabbing, and betrayal.


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