+ Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS [Leaked Info]

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Last week Pioneer dropped a sneak peek at their next big product and the internet has been buzzing with speculation since. Earlier this week what looks to be a leaked photo of the new product popped up on a Korean DJ site (shown above). Further details have been leaked about the new players on multiple site, here are some of the new key features:

- BEATSYNC Feature (as seen on Pioneer XDJ-Aero)
- Loop Chopping/Slicing via ‘LOOP MODE’
- Zoomable waveforms
- SLIP Mode
- An even better Rekordbox integration
- Advanced hot-cue’s
- Renewed, better quantize function (in combination with the beatsync)
- Rekordbox mobile app integration (as seen on Pioneer XDJ-Aero)
- Multicolored waveform display

So it looks like CDJ’s with a sync function are now a reality. The ability to prepare and play music right off of your smart phone instead of USB hard drives or SD cards. Some of the functions such as the new “LOOP MODE” are still a mystery that will be answered tomorrow when the official announcement is made. All of us here at Newestra can’t wait to see a more in-depth look at what will most likely be the new “club standard”.

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