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What’s up everyone, hope you all are all having a radical day and even better week (thus far). I wanted to introduce you to a new weekly segment we like to call MENUDO BREAKFAST. To what do we owe the pleasure of this new segment you may ask? The top tracks across the interwebs of course! But not just any tracks – rather those we believe  are the recipe for any and all musical hangovers! We understand that life happens and sometimes we all fall off the “What’s hot in music?” wagon for awhile. Consult some friends and ask them for some new &/or rare gems. Well we are those friends! We’re here to serve you up the bomb Menudo to get you all right as rain and ready to rage once more! So without further ado I give you MENUDO BREAKFAST Vol. I

I watched a sweet Kaskade interview done well from our friends at  Techibeats.com. Kaskade was giving the low down on why he chose Alvin Risk to accompany him on his FREAKS OF NATURE Tour. I got curious, took one listen to  Risk’s Remix and immediately knew why…

Because there is ALWAYS room for some James Blakage!

Resurrecting brilliance compliments of Mr. Benzi/Drunkmaster Flex…

Dill The Noise + Butters Theme + 100% In This Bitch = Cheeky Bass

For Epic Motherfuckers ONLY!!!

Aaaaand that’s all she wrote for this weeks installment of MENUDO BREAKFAST Vol.I!

Carpe Diem my friends! 

Amor y Paz

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