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Take away personal preferences or references to “selling out” and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t enjoyed a party put on by either Diplo, Switch or their violently malevolent offspring Major Lazer. Their choice of tracks is constantly a surprise and very cleverly plays to the home crowds every time, banging out classic anthems or seminal tracks of the moment equally and never falling into the category of being predictable.

The sets below pretty much display this to an absolute tee, the first being when LA layed host to a Major Lazer Block Party and the second the now legendary Major Lazer party at Notting Hill Carnival this year.

If your sitting down, stop it, remove all items that may be easily broken or are valuable to you. Remove a layer of clothing, in preparation for the impending heat of what is about to happen. Then just get fcking ravey!!!

Rbma have also embarked on a “World Tour” spanning 10 cities including several across the US. Check all details HERE and intro vid below…..

Red Bull Music Academy World Tour: Amplifying local scenes beyond the beat from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

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