+ Jay Z & Kanye West – “No Church In The Wild” (Music Video)

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The third music video for JAY Z and KANYE WEST‘s, “No Church in the Wild,” off of Watch The Throne was released last night on the internets.

Every music video to come off of this album has been outstanding so far. “Otis” was directed by SPIKE JONZE, featured AZIZ ANSARI, and they destroyed/modified a Maybauch, only to do donuts in it with a group of models.

Niggas in Paris” was directed by Kanye, and came with a warning that the video might cause seizures. Plus, it had a random panther.

This time they got ROMAIN GARVAS, who also did M.I.A.’s crazy video for “Bad Girls“, where the cars were driving on two wheels, as well as a bunch of other amazing cinematic projects, to direct the video for “No Church in the Wild,” and as usual for Garvas, it’s both beautiful and intense.

Something about the images of protesters clashing with riot police, while a song from Watch the Throne plays as the backdrop is so fitting. Enjoy.


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