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There are music festivals on grassy patches of greenery, in deserts, by the beach, even on a cruise. Now, get ready for a mini-music festival in the sky.

Yes, FILTER Magazine has teamed up with Virgin America to bring you the “I’m With The Band” flight to promote Filter’s annual Culture Collide Festival in Los Angeles.

Passengers of this special flight will get “exclusive in-flight intimate live performances and DJ sets” according to a press release from Filter Magazine.


That seems like a great way to spend an early afternoon flight from New York to Los Angeles. It’s definitely better than a shitty Katherine Heigl rom-com.

Virgin America’s “I’m With The Band” flight 409 leaves on October 3, 2012,  from New York’s JFK at 11:30 am, and lands in LAX around 2:40 pm.

You can book flight 409 directly, with seats going from around $150-$2000, over at the Virgin America website.

This is prime if you’re from New York and already planning on going to Filter Magazine’s CULTURE COLLIDE festival October 4-7.

If you’ve never been, it’s a really great way to discover music from around the world that you usually don’t have access to in Los Angeles. It will make you think that even with the Internet is always something waiting to be discovered.

Plus, it’s only $20! for 4 days of live music, plus other events. You can get wristbands for the festival over here.

I really can’t imagine what this flight is going to be like, The only frame of reference I have for an in-flight musical peerformacne is from the movie “The Wedding Singer.” So, someone gets married at the end of the flight? I don’t know, but I’d be on that plane if could just to check it out.


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