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“This speech captures the very essence of whats going on right now all over the world… more so now than ever. I wanted a way to use the sample during my live set, so I took Charlie Chaplin s speech from “The Great Dictator” and made a song around it.” – FIGURE

Pure and Raw power. That’s exactly what FIGURE brings to the table with this release entitled “The Last Dawn”. With a super sick intro that waits for no man, build up starts to set in, by this time your nose is already bleeding, feeling pumped up by the great speech from Charlie Chaplin, your approached by heavy heavy filth, by this time your on your way to a cool down with the second round of build up reaching into your soul like a half time prep talk from Bob Knight. By then…FIGURE has picked up the pace and sinks his mighty claws of Bass so you can feel the emotion behind the meaning.

Awesome track from the busy kid that is currently all over the US. We will be sure to look out for this kid hopefully in LA, coming soon. I hear his live shows are the talk of the town. Enjoy! free download, we thank you!

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