+ Figure – Super Sonic Brain Waves (Tour)

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If your one of the one’s like me, that’s always in the hunt for pure raw sound…then look no further. FIGURE is someone I’ve been checking on lately, and I must say he’s been time after time bringing that quality banger sound! I know, I know. Some of this genre can get annoying, but I find myself staying attached to the ones that seem to bring the raw sound like hearing a electric guitar for the first time. These powerful sounds that have been coming out of FIGURE’s speaker have been tapping ear drums for quite sometime. The timing couldn’t be any perfect. With the amount of heat this guys is packing, I’ll be surprised if anyone makes it out of these shows without cuts or bruises. These sounds are aggressive and heavy, and by the look of this “Super Sonic Brain Waves”, I know for a fact this will be a must see tour.

Haven’t heard of Figure? We’ll this guy keeps it true to the streets and allows you to download all of his slammers here.

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