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Nieto Fine Art is proud to present “Even After All” a collection of new paintings by Bay Area-based artist Eric Bailey. The solo exhibition is inspired by an array of subject matter with underlying tones of the Americana, nature, and nostalgia passing of time — life and death, new and old — as seen through Bailey’s perspective.

If you live in the Bay Area I highly suggest making the trip to SF and check Eric’s work. Couple years ago, I had the pleasure of living with the dude for about a year down here in L.A., while he prepped for another big city exhibition… A Downtown L.A. neighbor turned room mate – turned really good homie. The creative vibes and general curiosity to create amazingness on canvas was a drive I admired most.  The man spent hours in the studio (garage) painting! Several years later, it is with great pleasure I post news on his newest show here on Newestra.com.

For Northern California-based oil painter Eric Bailey his color-soaked canvases serve as more than just a creative outlet — it’s a timetable of his life’s current and past events, interests, and reflections. Continually culling inspiration from his surroundings, his work evolves and morphs as he moves around California’s soil. From living in the depths of downtown Los Angeles to the rustic outerlands of Santa Cruz mountains — he’s taken relics of each location to grow his art into what we see today. Which is what Bailey describes as “discovering beauty in the simple, everyday things, old and new.”

The show will run August 24 through September 21.

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Bailey was recently named one of Refinery29 San Francisco’s top artists to watch now!

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