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FILTER MAGAZINE’S CULTURE COLLIDE swung into high gear last night with DAY 1 of their four day international music festival. We arrived later in the night, but were still able to catch to DEAN WAREHAM PLAYS GALAXIE 500, and JOHN TALABOT (LIVE).

It was fitting that Dean Wareham played songs from the influential dreampop band, Galaxie 500, in Echo Park’s United Methodist Church. His high-pitched, angelic wails, and inspired guitar notes filled the space like a Sunday morning choir would, as the faithful bobbed their heads, in the stuffy church.

He played classics like, “Tugboat,” “When Will You Come Home,” “Fourth of July,” Listen, The Snow is Falling,” and “Victory Garden.”

Here’s some video from the show.

He left the stage to a standing ovation from what seemed like a group of die-hard fans.

Afterwards, we strolled over to THE ECHO to catch Spain’s JOHN TALABOT perform a live set. Someone in the crowd told me that John Talabot use to be one of the many “masked DJ’s,” and had recently revealed his identity to the masses. Here’s a picture of him in his masked days.

The Barcelona producer, John Talabot, got the crowd moving with his atmospheric house, performing with a full-live setup of keyboards, drum machines and cymbals. His melodic vocals provided an extra element to the live production, and added to the tension built into each song.

Check out a video of his performance.

Keep an eye out for more coverage from FILTER MAGAZINE’S CULTURE COLLIDE. We have a short interview with the U.K.’s indie-rock band MORNING PARADE coming down the tubes of the Interwebs.

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