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The smooth, souled up,  jazzed out vocals of Mr Ben Westbeech are infectious by themselves. Combine that with the new tracks and production on his new album and you have one most catchiest of record that should be scored as hit no.2 for this Bristol Bread Londoner.

His latest single “Something For The Weekend” has just been released and is available via iTunes HERE.

I got lucky enough to hear the album, which is set for release on the world September 12th, and it is an absolute killer. The combination of soul, disco, house, into what is going to a be a live full band show is something extra special. As anybody who may have read any of my prior posts I like lots and lots of bass and can’t really say I am a huge fan of the house genre.

Despite that, I really can’t get enough of this album. The single itself has been housed and hummed in my brain for at least a week. The feel good vibes and title go perfectly together, and the video is, lets be honest, pretty much something every guy would love to get as his little something something for the weekend. Can’t imagine, the shots where Ben is looking exulted and happy, spraying champagne everywhere, took a great deal of acting skills.

Soo now that I’ve finished gushing about my most current music crush, it is time to watch some film. Check the single vid below along with a brand spanking new vid from his album preview party in a very very sweaty loft in East London. Don’t belittle the camera man, the bouncing just over halfway through is actually the floor itself moving as the crowd got their groove on.

I’m in there too, so keep an eye out for my grinning face and sick, original dance moves!

Ben Westbeech / There’s More To Life Than This, Album Launch, London / 28.07.2011 from selective pressure + on Vimeo.

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