+ A Family Road Trip with Ron English

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Legendary street artist, Ron English, and wife, Tarssa English, decided to load up the minivan with spray cans, a huge sculpture of Mickey Mouse wearing a gas mask, their kids, a camera crew, and head to Tarssa’s hometown of Detroit.

The result was “The Detroit Project – An English Family Vacation.”

It’s amazing to see Ron and Tarssa teaching their kids techniques, and letting them express themselves. It’s also amazing to see that the kids are kind of whatever about it. Proving that children will always think their parents are sort of lame.

This makes me want to spawn my own brood, take them on adventures around the world, and force them to break the law.

Check out all three parts of “The Detroit Project” below.

That was all put together by English’s company, POPAGANDA,(You can check out more of work there.), TOOLS OF THE TRADE GLOBAL, and ebaums world.


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